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Hangzhou Zerostart Translation Co., Ltd utilizes a customized Project Management database to manage and record all aspects of Quality Assurance (QA). All of GB's QA and Project Management procedures are documented with predefined on- line checklists which Project Managers and localization teams use to ensure that proper QA is conducted throughout a project's workflow. Comprehensive QA procedures must be followed and documentation evidencing compliance must be filled out for all components of a project, including documentation, on- line help and software.

With the experiences accumulated during the past years, Zerostart Translation has a set of client service workflow that has been certified totally feasible. For every project, a team will be set up promptly including the Project Manager, administration supervisor, technique support team, the translation team and the Desktop Publishing team.

The first stage is mainly for Zerostart Translation to acquire as sufficient information as possible from customres of the project, including language and special technique requirement, primary schedule, testing, etc.

Kick off Meeting
Project manager will assess the project together with technologists of Zerostart Translation Company, utilizing Trados Translators Workbench, a translation memory tool, to analyze documents and determine word counts. Then, a Desktop Publishing (DTP) specialist reviews the source files for DTP cost and development time. A quote is generated for the client.

Base Translation (documentation)
A base translation team completes the initial translation utilizing the approved glossary.

Review & Edit
An editing team edits the initial translation for accuracy in words, expressions and culture.

A separate team proofreads after base translation.

Desktop Publishing
A team completes the initial desktop publishing using the tools including Interleaf, FrameMaker, PageMaker, ForeignDesk, QuarkXpress, Freehand, CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign CS5, and PowerPoint.

Software Testing
The last stage of the project is the testing of the software. Professional technicians ensure the stable function through testing together with personnel from Manugistics to meet the client's requirements.

Final Documents
A separate team proofreads after base DTP. This results in a final draft, ready for client approval.

The project manager confirms the completion of the project after the final meeting with the person in charge of the translation team and the technologist.

The whole project is completed with all the clearance of the localization work and the payment, duties of both parties of the project.

With an extensive network of over 5000 professional and freelance translators, we can meet the special requirements of each project and offer services for a wide spectrum of documents.

Tel: (086) 0571-87334592 0571-87334593

Add: Room 1616, Unit 3, Building 2, Jingjiangchengshihuayuan, No. 958, Zhijiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
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