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About Us

Hangzhou Zerostart Translation is a professional translation service company in Hangzhou and Shanghai providing high quality technology interpretation, written translation and instant translation in various languages for different industrial sectors.

With headquarters in Hangzhou, China, and branches in Shanghai, Zerostart today has more than 180 full-time employees. All of our translators and reviewers are qualified native speakers with strong technical backgrounds and many years of experience in translation. 90% of our projects are carried out in-house by our full-time employees.
We will get you closer to the world and help you to speed up your pace!

Hangzhou Zerostart Translation provides services for telecommunication, IT, medicine & pharmaceutical, electronics, chemical, culture, finance, securities, law, contract, bid documents.

We shall persistently follow our business belief "Accuracy, efficacy, and elegance" in offering you to she best translation services possible.

With the translation services that we offer, you will find language is no longer a barrier between you and your international customers. With the translation services that we offer, you can reach out to potential clients and customers in every corner of the world.

● Document translation
Whether you have a single page or a thick user manual, or need to create a persuasive presentation for a conference, our translators are ready when you call. We guarantee that we will respond quickly to your request for quote, respect the agreed deadline and produce the high-quality work you demand, while maintaining affordable prices.

● Website translation
Skillful website translations can attract thousands of potential customers from abroad to your Website. The Internet opens up international marketing to another dimension and makes it possible to reach new markets as easily as if they were next door. Precise, culture-sensitive website translation is the key to success in burgeoning online markets.

● Software Localization

Tel: (086) 0571-87334592 0571-87334593

Add: Room 1616, Unit 3, Building 2, Jingjiangchengshihuayuan, No. 958, Zhijiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
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